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We were formed when put together for our Silver DofE expedition. We made new friendships and found we worked brilliantly as a team. When we started gold our team was split up and as we had made some great friendships we wanted something to help bring us together, achieve something great as well as helping a local charity. We are an excellent team who are hard working and high achievers, we enjoy each others company and have had many laughs together.

Fundraising for Friends of Buburi

It's a charity set up by Islanders on the Isle of Wight to support a small rural village in rural Western Kenya. They have set up a health clinic for neighbouring villages. The financial and practical support of Friends of Buburi ensure Buburi Health Clinic can provide accessible, good quality and affordable health care to those in need. This is locally ran and we know that the money is going to be put to good use. In order to fundraise we are going to ask fellow students and class members to support us as well as teachers. We will make sponsorship forms to help us. We feel that this will be a very successful way to fundraise as we will be able to tell people face to face what we are undertaking.

Homepage of Friends of Buburi.

Challenge registration number: 9181

This challenge took place on Saturday, 6 July, 2013.

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The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • Jessica Hepburn
  • Alex Leung
  • Jack Phillipsborn
  • Robert Selby
  • Emma Gillett