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Register Your Challenge

Here you can register your National, Yorkshire and Welsh Three Peaks Challenge events.

By registering your challenge, you'll receive guidance on how to organise a safe and responsible challenge, and have your challenge promoted and recorded in the Archive. Registration includes a webpage about your challenge, your group and your charity, as well as certificates of completion.

Register Your Challenge!

You can also register a challenge already completed.

Registration is available to any Three Peaks Challenge event, including small, self-organised events, and large-scale corporate events.

Take part in the Three Peaks Challenge

To take part in the Three Peaks Challenge, you can follow one of three routes:

  • Self organised challenges
  • Organised challenges
  • Charity events

For details, please see the Three Peaks Challenge Website.

Three Peaks Challenge Records

We track notable records for the National, Yorkshire and Welsh challenges, and welcome any updates, additions or corrections.

Upcoming Three Peaks Challenges