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A group of 7/8 of us will be taking part in the 3 peaks challenge on the 20th June.
We are doing the challenge in order to raise money for two very important people that mean the world to each of us.
Firstly for Hannah, who sadly passed away in November. Hannah suffered from a rare condition, Pfeiffer Syndrome, which causes fusion of certain skull bones. Her physical strength, hearing and eye sight was progressively deteriorating none of which stopped her from creating wonderful paintings and poems. Half of the money we raise will go towards children suffering with Craniosynostosis and the other half will go to Charlie.
Charlie has stage four malignant melanoma cancer (skin cancer). He has had one tumor removed and 6 weeks of radiotherapy. He was in remission over Christmas but sadly he relapsed this March. A new tumour was found under his armpit. Charlie will be having an operation next week at the Royal Marsden hospital to remove the new tumours, he will then be put on a drug trial for a year.

Our fundraising page.

Fundraising for Hannah's\ Charlie's Fund

Those of us that are attempting the Three Peaks Challenge will be loitering about soon with sponsorship forms. However if you are unlikely to bump into us between now and the date of the challenge (20th June), you can still contribute for some time after we have completed our hike or make transfer donations online.
If you'd like to support 'Hannah's Fund', helping towards the publications of Hannah's book and her poems, written to support children with craniosynostosis then please follow the Facebook link for details.
Or, if you'd like to support Charlie and his family through his Melanoma Cancer, then likewise visit our Facebook page. Specifically, money raised for Charlie and his family will help fund numerous trips to and from London hospitals and the various costs that are attached, additionally, your money will also go towards Charlie's comfort during his cancer treatment.
Alternatively, it is of course an option to support both causes!
All contributions, big or small are hugely appreciated and we all can't wait to get some money raised and this challenge underway!

Homepage of Hannah's\ Charlie's Fund.

Challenge registration number: 89688

This challenge took place on Saturday, 20 June, 2015.

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