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On June 6th, I was involved in a life threatening car accident on my way back from university to celebrate my Dad’s birthday leaving me trapped in my car for hours until the emergency services could safely get me out where I underwent intensive medical care at the side of the road including, fixing my punctured lungs and trying to stop my bleeding after severing my main artery. This night left me with a survival rate of 2%, however thanks to the air ambulance and later on, Kings College Hospital where I underwent an initial 14 hours of life saving surgery, they stopped my bleeding. However I remained in a critical condition leaving me in a coma for my 20th birthday and for a period of 6 weeks. Being in this coma was not a smooth journey, I had several complications in theartre causing operations to be abandoned and blood clots leaving me with strokes on my brain. This meant they had to prematurely wake me from my induced coma. Although this process took weeks and the doctors were unsure what abilities I would wake up with or even if I would wake up I beat the odds and within a few weeks I was conscious and able to get taken off my ventilator. At this point I was allowed a speaking valve on for 15 minutes a day where I was able to take swabs of water and say one word at a time. Within 2 months my speech came back and my trachea/ speaking valve was allowed to be removed, allowing me to talk freely and eat a normal diet. Since then I have had to have my nasal gastric tube put back in, to pump my body full of proteins to fight infections and fix my broken bones. I am still unable to move but I am making leaps and bounds in my physio journey where I am just starting to slightly move my arms and my biggest achievement yet, being able to sit on the edge of the bed with the help of my physio. It is coming up to my sixth month in intensive care but I remain positive and I am looking into my future where rehab and physio are sure to be key. For this reason, I am setting this page up in hope to fund the best rehab possible and to adapt my house however is needed to give me the best chance of a full recovery and to live the life I deserve to live. Any donations however small will be majorly important and will quite literally change my life for the best. Thank you so much.

Challenge registration number: 243569

This challenge took place on Sunday, 30 May, 2021.

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The Yorkshire Peaks Challenge involves climbing Pen-y-ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside, often within 12 hours.


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