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3 Peaks for Pancreatic Cancer

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The hike has been inspired by family man Frantz Kokeš who was lost to Pancreatic cancer very suddenly. An incredible Yorkshireman, he was also a world adventurer and the most memorable person anyone may wish to meet.

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Fundraising for Pancreatic Cancer UK

Pancreatic cancer research is significantly underfunded. Incidence is lower compared to other common cancers yet it is the biggest killer with a survival rate of just 3% from diagnosis to 5 years. Death rates are actually increasing for the disease yet it receives only 1% of cancer research funding in the UK.

Improved, earlier diagnosis and personalised treatments could save many lives and this is why research is critical. Currently only 1 in 10 NHS GP's have the tools to detect the disease at later stages - there is no accurate test for earlier onsets. By the time a patient is diagnosed it is often too late.

The hike has been inspired by our dad and soul brother Frantz Kokeš who we lost earlier this year to pancreatic cancer - only 5 months after his unexpected diagnosis. Any loss to cancer is world shattering, but the shocking speed of Pancreatic cancer is unmerciful and incredibly hard to come to terms with.

We're aiming for £3000 because £3000 could help PCUK provide 1200 patients with Newly Diagnosed Packs, pay for 30 days of research, or pay for 120 hours of a researcher’s work into the discovery of new pancreatic cancer biomarkers. This could have made all the difference for our Dad.

Homepage of Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Challenge registration number: 229807

This challenge took place on Monday, 15 July, 2019.

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3 Peaks for Pancreatic Cancer | Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

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The Yorkshire Peaks Challenge involves climbing Pen-y-ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside, often within 12 hours.


  • Rae Kokeš
  • Angela Kokeš
  • Kris Everatt