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This year we have been involved in a number of events supporting Sheffield Children's Hospital and Clic Sargent.

Our beautiful Jack was under the care of SCH from the beginning of April 2018 when he was diagnosed with inoperable spine and brain tumours. During that time we have seen and experienced first hand the amazing work that they do.

After several operations and multiple rounds of chemotherapy, Jack was well enough to be back at home with his family around him where he spent his last weeks. Jack is our hero.

Jack spent most of his time before going home on Ward 5 of the Sheffield children’s hospital as his symptoms meant that he had to have an EVD inserted into his brain to release huge pressure brought on by the cancerous infection in his head.

Upon Jacks return home jacks mum Dad and sister, Sally Dan and Emily were supported by the specialist community team and Cilc Sargent.

Sally and Dan set about making Both the Sheffield children’s hospital and Clic Sargent our charity’s.

Amongst the greatest heartbreak a family can ever suffer, Sally Dan and #Teamjack have pulled together to make something wonderful come out of this horrendous situation.
Out team will be walking The Yorkshire theee peaks challenge for The amazing charity CLIC Sargent. I’m

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Fundraising for Clic Sargent

CLIC Sargent supports people from diagnosis onwards and aims to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment, life after treatment and, in some cases, bereavement.

The charity also undertakes research into the impact of cancer on children and young people. It uses this evidence to raise awareness and to seek to influence government and policy-makers, and those who provide public services across the UK.

Homepage of Clic Sargent.

Challenge registration number: 227371

This challenge took place on Sunday, 5 May, 2019.

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#TeamJack Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge | Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

About the ​ Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

The Yorkshire Peaks Challenge involves climbing Pen-y-ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside, often within 12 hours.


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