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Fundraising for The Timna Foundation

This is for Timna, the Shvekky family, her friends & for all the children who were fortunate enough to meet Timna. You are missed everyday but your spirit & kindness will go on to aid so many in the future!

Doug, Henry & I met Timna last year when completing the GR20 mountain trek in Corsica. We came across an Israeli group half way through - Timna stood out from the start; such a warm & calming energy, beautiful, happy & an amazing smile - all with a proper London accent which was odd for an Israeli girl! Our groups combined & we finished the rest of the Trek together. Timna had been through the national service, she was physically & mentally strong - an absolute machine! She never complained which put us English boys to shame! And when the going got tough, our spirits were lifted with her renditions of Adele. She loved her family & community in the Kibbutz which was great to learn about. One of her passions was her work, where she taught children with learning difficulties. Our bond was so special the Israeli team changed their holiday plans to spend the last few days of the holiday with us. We left with the plan to meet up in Putney.

On 12.04.17 - Timna was involved in a car accident in Israel and it was devastating to hear that she had passed away at the age of 22. She was an extremely special person with such a love for life & helping others.

In June - we had the great pleasure of meeting Julia, her strong & loving mother. It was evident where Timna had got so many of her qualities from! Julia told us - Timna's dream was to qualify and set up a school to help children who had difficulties within the established system. As a result, they were going to set a up a Foundation in memory of Timna in order achieve her dream.

It has been a year since meeting Timna. It started on the mountain - so Doug, Henry, Tobias & I are planning to complete the 3 Peaks Challenge, climbing the three highest mountains in the U.K. in 24 hours.

All money will be sent to the Shvekky family to put into Timna's Foundation!

"Always walk in fields of truth, in fields of joy and beauty"

Homepage of The Timna Foundation.

Challenge registration number: 213469

This challenge took place on Sunday, 27 August, 2017.

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The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • Eddie Robinson
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