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Nic had planned to do the challenge with the nurses at Achddu Villa Dental Practice. However when they dropped out, Tommy came in to do it with her.

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Fundraising for Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity

100 babies are stillborn, or die shortly after birth, every week in the UK. Tragically, in 2013, 1 in 216 births was a stillbirth. Yet increasingly evidence is emerging that many of these deaths could be prevented.

The death of a baby during pregnancy, at birth, or after birth is a major bereavement. The care that parents receive around this time has a huge impact on their long-term wellbeing. Good care cannot remove the pain and devastation that bereaved parents experience, but poor or insensitive care makes things worse, both immediately and in the months and years that follow.

One of SANDS' core aims is to improve the quality of care offered during pregnancy and in the event of a baby dying. They work in partnership with health professionals and others to minimise the risks of stillbirth and to ensure the families of those babies who do die receive the best possible care.

Homepage of Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity.

Challenge registration number: 210431

This challenge took place on Saturday, 24 June, 2017.

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About the ‚Äč Welsh Three Peaks Challenge

The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing Snowdon, Cadair Idris and Pen y Fan in the same day, either over 24 or 12 hours.


  • Tommy Freeman
  • Nicola Allison