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Notes on Three Peaks Challenge Records

Please see below for notes on our Records listings, setting and recording new records and verifying times, and corrections of listed records.

Recording a New Record Time (Fastest Known Time)

Please follow the four points below to record a new time on any of the records we list.

  1. Let us know your intentions - register your attempt
  2. Record your route with GPS (dedicated device or app, Strava, MapMyRun, etc)
  3. Take photos, document your challenge (to backup your GPS track)
  4. Record your completion time, challenge details (via your registered page)

For records showing 'No current holder', as far as we are aware there is none, or no one has approached us.

For records showing 'TBC', we are in the process of verifying or recording a new fastest time.

When registering a challenge with us online, please select the most similar event from the drop down list, and this can be updated later.

Records We Don't List

We're open to options of record times by means which we don't already list, but they should have a wide appeal, and should not include a element of age or large group size.

Corrections To Existing Records

We really appreciate corrections on records we list, as some have been around for many years, and may include specific stipulations which are sometimes disregarded by a modern completion.

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