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Three Peaks Challenge Records

Three Peaks Challenge Ltd tracks records of both the National and Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. Please contact us if you are aware of any updates, additions or corrections.

National Three Peaks Challenge records

Record title Record holder Record time
Fastest Modern National Three Peaks Bob Wiseman, 2015 14 hours 36 minutes
Fastest National Three Peaks Challenge Joss Naylor, 1971 11 hours 56 minutes
National Three Peaks Challenge Cycle McAvoy, Widdup, Hudson, 2008 46 hours 30 minutes
National Three Peaks Relay Run Ford & team, 1981 54 hours 39 minutes
Three Peaks Three Times British Army, 2011 ~69 hours
National followed by Yorkshire Three Peaks Trustmarque Team 33 hours 17 minutes
Three Peaks followed by Welsh 3000s Josh Fletcher and team 34 hours 45 minutes

Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge records

Both from the annual Three Peaks Race, the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge has two notable records.

Record title Record holder Record time
Fastest Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Norman, 1976 2 hours 29 minutes 53 seconds
Ladies Fastest Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Rowell, 1996 3 hours 16 minutes 17 seconds
Double Yorkshire Three Peaks TBC
Triple Yorkshire Three Peaks TBC
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