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About the group

We are a group of friends climbing to raise money to fund a school building project in Tanzania.

Our fundraising page.

Fundraising for Itagutwa School Project

The project is to build an all girls secondary school in the village. African culture means that the girls from a young age are expected to help their mother with the chores around the house and cook for the family. This will often end up having detrimental effects on their schooling. Currently the girls living in Itagutwa have to walk 10kms to get to and from school, this combined with the chores means they are often exhausted and cannot keep up on their school work leaving them to fall behind and more often than not fail to reach secondary school. The idea is to build a school closer to them to give them a greater chance of a complete education.

The money that you donate to us will go directly to Willhard, the project co-ordinator. Willhard grew up in the village so this is a project very close to his heart and his community. He will make sure it is spent wisely and will also go to any other local projects.

Homepage of Itagutwa School Project.

Challenge registration number: 8971

This challenge took place on Thursday, 4 April, 2013.

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  • Matt Hulland
  • James Piercy
  • Mat Shotbolt
  • Chris Ling