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A decade ago a walking trip went very wrong and I fell about 60ft straight down and 140 of tumbling and was very close to loosing my life, not just from the height I fell but the with the injuries I incurred. It has been a long road of ups and downs in recovering. In the fall I suffered a severe spinal and pelvis injury. To celebrate and commemorate 10 years after falling off a mountain, where I narrowly escaped paralysis, I have finally plucked up the courage to go walking on harder terrains and complete the three peaks as I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate this milestone.

I have convinced (not that it took much persuasion) for three others to join my mission, those being Sarah Millest, Mags Dilai, Jill Richardson and our two wonderful drivers/chefs Lisa Hayes and Tracey Roberts. I met all of these wonderful people through the GB Dragon Boat team and after a successful European Championships in July we are hanging our paddle up to some walking boots.

Those who know me, when I decide on a challenge I set my sights high and hope to complete it in under 22 hours (all going well).

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Fundraising for Spinal Research

The team aptly named Team Momen (as we have the toughness of men, power and drive but the finesse of ladies) have all gratefully agreed to raise money for my chosen charity, Spinal Research. The research they do in the development of those with spinal injuries is one close to my heart and without research such as theirs, the operation to fix my neck a decade ago would certainly have left me in wheelchair, instead I have been able to live a normal life with only limited movement in my neck. The charity have supported me for a number of years and it not only does reseach but also provides a source of information and support for friends and family to those who have suffered spinal injuries. It is very humbling speaking with those who have been less fortunate than myself and I hope this helps them further.

Homepage of Spinal Research.

Challenge registration number: 6766

This challenge took place on 15th September 2012

Time completed: 22 hours 23 minutes.

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