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Myton Hospice Independant Mother and daughter Challenge

About the group

Mum and daughter from Warick, with our brother-in-law driving. Raising funds for Myton Hospice caring for cancer patients that medication can no longer help. Daughterr 13 years so a big personal challenge.

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Fundraising for Myton Hospice

Myton look after cancer patients and support the families of those where medication is no longer an option, they do great work ensuring that thier months or in most cases weeks are well cared for and happy. My anty was one and at 42 was really well looked after and all my family and her children were really well supported.

Homepage of Myton Hospice.

Challenge registration number: 6458

This challenge took place on 14th July 2012

Time completed: 23 hours 20 minutes.

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