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Kodeni School Project

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Fundraising for Aid to Burkina

Kodeni School Project
A team from Folkestone UK is committed to building and supporting a primary school in Kodeni.

Phase 1: 2014

Burkina architects draw the plans and gain planning permission.

Fund raising.

Recruit 6 UK
schools; each adopting 1 class in Kodeni.

Recruit a team to plan teacher training and mentoring to support classroom excellence.

Phase 2: 2015

Build the school with local building supplies, builders and architects.


Staff team
Head Teacher

Phase 3: 2015-2025

Delivery of long term support.

8 years ago a landowner in Kodeni set aside a plot of land for the school. He planted a eucalyptus grove to keep any settlements from forming and to prove that the land was in use. Those trees stand as an awful witness to 400 children who are illiterate as a result of not having a school.

Without external help the situation will not change.

Your gift is a demonstration of your care and love for children you will most likely never meet.

Homepage of Aid to Burkina.

Challenge registration number: 52154

This challenge took place on Saturday, 20 September, 2014.

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