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So, why are we doing this...?

Not only are we all doing this to get fit, to compete in a challenge, but we are also doing this to raise money for two wonderful charities that have provided support to the family ever since Sophie tragically and unexpectedly passed away on 1st March 2013.

Our fundraising page.

Fundraising for Birmingham Children's Hospital & Edwards Trust

We are planning on raising as much money as possible for a wonderful hospital, with such caring and affectionate staff. Alongside this, the money raised will help a fantastic charity who have provided tremendous support since the loss of Sophie, on 1st March, 2013, aged 11 months.

Through raising this money, we can make sure that Sophie's memory continues, through helping a hospital and charity who have helped so many.

Our beautiful precious angel had gone. Although they couldn't save her, the staff and team at Birmingham Children's Hospital did all they could, trying every avenue possible to save her...but sadly, their efforts were not rewarded. Their hard work, calmness and attitude were second to none. However, when she'd gone, we sat in A&E at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital in disbelief at the devastating contemplation that our lives were no longer complete. How could we cope with the pain that was about to prevail in telling her 4 year old brother that she was no longer with us...?

The world became a blur and our lives were slowly crumbling apart, how was all this going to get better? This was where the comfort and care through counselling, through talking and through having the support assisted us all. Through the continuous support of Edwards Trust we found a light, all be it faint, on a long and testing road.

From this, Edwards Trust have provided great care, counselling and support...mainly through the following:
* A place to visit and express your thoughts in a protective and reassuring environment; feelings you couldn’t tell others for fear of what people may think.
* A place Sophie’s brother could untangle his worries through play.
* A place to learn coping strategies and relaxation techniques and fall asleep through the powers of reflexology!

And now, now the time is to help those who have helped us...through this effort to walk the 3 UK Peaks.

Homepage of Birmingham Children's Hospital & Edwards Trust.

Challenge registration number: 52140

This challenge took place on Saturday, 27 September, 2014.

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