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Fundraising for The Christie & Epilepsy Research

The end of 2010 made way for one of the hardest, unbelievable times of my life and many others that we've had to face so far. On December the 12th, Lee Johnson, a fit & healthy football playing 24 year old with ambitons of of going to a coaching school in America suddenly passed away in his sleep. He had epilepsy which I never knew was such a serious condition but it was SUDEP or Sudden Unexpected Death from Epilepsy which had claimed his life.

It was such a shock, I'd never known anybody so young or someone I saw on a day to day basis to die so suddenly. Lee gave me a lift to work and back everyday and kept me up to date with his plans of America. He was one of the nicest, most genuine and innocent people you could ever meet and never had a bad word to say about anyone.

Unfortunatley this wasn't the only tragic news we would receive. In February 2011 Chris Frankland was diagnosed with CUP or Cancer of the Unknown Primary after suffering from pains in his back. We'd all assumed that he might have just pulled a muscle.. he again played football, was young (26) and healthy and again nobody could have believed cancer would have been the problem. Chris put up a brave fight but after only two sessions of intense chemotherapy, he sadly passed away in April of that same year.

Heartbreak is the only word I can express, Chris sat next to me in the creative team and was considered my wing man. He was a true legend, a happy positive guy who was passionate about his design and sport. I miss my buddy everyday.

Both Lees family and Chris's family have been so amazing and have been so strong considering their great losses and I know both Lee and Chris would be very very proud of their families.

Last year we raised a massive £5,127.00 running the Manchester 10k for Epilepsy Research. This year we wanted a greater challenge to raise money for both Charities that support research into the illnesses that took our friends.

Please support our cause, we are walking the 3 highest peaks of England (Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike & Snowdon) in just 24 Hours. I've se the target at £5000, but beating this would be a dream come true.

This will mean so much to Lee's and Chris's families and I am very proud to lead this event for causes which are so dear to my heart.

Please contribute today and lets make this an event to remember 2 very special individuals.



Challenge registration number: 4295

This challenge took place on Friday, 13 July, 2012.

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