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Harrison and Millie are cousins are we are doing this challenge to raise money for Harrison late mother and my auntie, along with our partners we want to complete this challenge in her memory and raise awareness of brain tumours.

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Friday 13th September, while driving with her grandson in the rear seat she would have a seizure and be airlifted to Southampton Hospital where they diagnosed an aggressive GBM4 brain tumour. How all our lives were changed in just a few minutes.
The prognosis was not good. Kirsty had an operation where the surgeon successfully removed the high grade part of the tumour and then 6 weeks of Radiotherapy combined with Chemo tablets (Temozolomide). During this period Kirsty was using a wheel chair because she had damaged her ankle in the accident. January came and with that a new regime of Chemo (Temozolomide) treatment, 5 days on and three weeks recovery, spanning 6 months. No wheel chair now and Kirsty remained really positive and got on with life being a Mum with all that entails. Being on Dextramethazon steroid tablets she put on weight and developed the moon face synonymous with steroids. After an MRI scan at the end of the treatment then the expectant wait for the result. Another set back the tumour was re growing. A further operation was considered too dangerous so a course of another Chemo was recommended. This one, PCV was a three drug combination. Unfortunately even after just two treatments it was obvious this was not shrinking the tumour or stopping it growing. Our last hope had gone. With an increase in the steroids over the period, Kirsty was back in a wheel chair. On the 12th September 2020 (a year except for 1 day from the accident) a hospital bed was delivered and Kirsty became virtually bedbound. The district nurses together with Marie Curie nurses visited 4 times a day giving her excellent compassionate care.
Kirsty managed to see her 48th birthday on 6th October and was well enough to be aware of the event. Kirsty deteriorated over the next 12 days and passed away with family around her on Sunday 18th October 2020. She is sorely missed but never forgotten.

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