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Bearded Fishermen

About the group

Family, friends and colleagues make up this group. Mick being a founding member of the charity we are raising for and Stacey a volunteer for them. Dan, Laura, Andrew and Stacey are also Argos colleagues. Ryan, John, Ellie and Matt are family members.

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Fundraising for bearded fishermen

Bearded fishermen are a registered charity, giving support for mental health and suicide prevention. They answer calls 24/7 for anyone needing support or just a friendly chat. They also do a weekly StreetWatch, where a group of people get together and walk to offer face to face support or be present in the event of a crisis in the community. Their office HQ offers peer to peer, as well as trained counsellors. They also have a local community radio station.

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Challenge registration number: 258549

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Bearded Fishermen | National Three Peaks Challenge

About the ‚Äč National Three Peaks Challenge

The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • Stacey Coles
  • Daniel Adair
  • John Greig
  • Mick Leyland
  • Ryan Dennett
  • Ellie Plant
  • Laura Helsdown
  • Andrew Moore
  • Matthew Greig

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