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Welsh 3 Peaks Solo Attempt in 24hrs - 01/01/22

Aiming to complete this challenge within 24hrs by Cycling over 140miles, hiking over 20 miles by foot to scale the 3 highest mountains in Wales (Snowdon / Cadair Idris / Pen-Y-Fan) in possibly some of the worst treacherous conditions that you would expect to encounter on New Year's day.

My name is Glyn Price. I am 42 years old and my wife thinks I am going through a midlife crisis. This is not true!!! Throughout my career previously as a fire-fighter and currently as a college lecturer I have always had a passion for fundraising for those who need a little bit of extra help. I have organised and taken part in many fundraising events both independently (notably hiking to Mt. Everest Base Camp) and within teams by organising and facilitating students that I have taught (notably including hiking up the highest mountain in North Africa, canoeing down the grand union canal from Birmingham to London, completing the National 3 Peaks 24hrs etc.) However, due to the time demands from the purchase of a house, a new job, close family health issues and the birth of a 2nd child all within the last 4 years I have not fundraised since then.

I have always been a competitive sports phanatic taking part in a wide array of sports from playing rugby or football within my local community to participating in various triathlons, running races including the London Marathon and mountain biking at national level. Coincidentally in the 4 years that I have not taken part in fundraising challenges my personal fitness levels are at an all time low. I am the heaviest and unhealthiest that I have ever been and this has to CHANGE!!!!!! Therefore, I have decided to team up both my ambitions to fundraise again and become super fit by training and completing a physical challenge that will test both my mental and physical endurance to the max.

Unfortunately I am not known for my self discipline. Being able to live a stereotypical normal life, eat well and go to a gym to keep fit and healthy is not within my capabilities. I am a person who is impatient and has to have a clear target to focus on that will allow me to achieve my objectives. As I have mentioned above my health & fitness levels are at an all time low. Over the next 11 weeks I will be pushing my body to the max, aiming to achieve this charity challenge by achieving personal fitness and health goals that most would say is impossible for someone starting from where I am.

As part of this challenge I will be laying everything out on the line being totally transparent. My goal is to put so much pressure on myself that there will be no turning back. This is an 11 week challenge leading up to the final solo 3 Peaks attempt in 24hrs on New Years day. Throughout the weeks starting from today I will be posting blogs/information of my current fitness levels, my training demonstrating a variety of methods and my dietary needs. I will hopefully gain some support along the way from training specialists and making use of some scientific technological practices. I will also be going into further detail about the charity and what they do. We will be visiting the charity working with them to show how the money raised from this challenge will support and help homeless people in Wales this winter.

Everything is on the line for this challenge whilst raising needed funds for a worthy cause and improving my own health and fitness, I furthermore want to prove to people that they can push their bodies and mind to the ultimate boundaries to achieve their own personal goals.

Our fundraising page.

Fundraising for The Wallich. Working in communities across Wales to prevent and end homelessness

Whilst participating in this challenge for my own personal gain I have decided to raise much needed funds during this attempt for “The Wallich” helping and supporting homeless people in Wales. I have chosen this charity because homelessness is a desperate plight regardless of what time of year it is. However, as another winter approaches with the shorter days and colder nights it hits home that people are actually sleeping out on the streets braving these elements. Almost 1000 unhoused people died last year alone in the UK and it is no secret that this time of the year we are rapidly entering represents significant challenges in reducing this toll. In our society today this is unacceptable and more needs to be done. Whilst we cannot fix the problem from completing one challenge every little helps!!!!!!!

The Wallich Registered charity number 1004103

Homepage of The Wallich. Working in communities across Wales to prevent and end homelessness.

Challenge registration number: 249813

This challenge took place on Saturday, 1 January, 2022.

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The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing Snowdon, Cadair Idris and Pen y Fan in the same day, either over 24 or 12 hours.


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