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It was just a normal pregnancy everything was going good 1st trimester perfect, 2nd no problems, 3rd trimester went well .. 38 weeks .. started to feel little movement, little turned into nothing and something inside me just broke as i sat there crying while watching TV it hit me .. something is not right as me and my family jumped in the car and rushed down to singleton. As we sat there waiting for the scan we sat there in prayer holding on to all the hope in the world at 18 years of age i wasn’t prepared to even come to terms with what was actually happening, as the nurse scanned me and you could see the sadness pour from her .. as i heard these 3 words “ i’m sorry she’s” i broke my whole world shattered into a million pieces, the pain in heart i’ve never experienced in my life nor want to feel that again.

On new years days 2015 Isabella was born sleeping in singleton hospital... she was perfect, most beautiful little feet, perfect hands and nails and the softest hair that felt like silk eyes that will never open...

no mum or dad should ever have to go through that no parent should ever have to leave there new born baby as you walk out the door and go home to an empty Moses basket... at 18 i wasn’t equipped to deal with what was to come the whole new emotions and trying to deal with grief walking around with no purpose, and that is why 6 years on now i’m stronger and bounced back fighting ready to help parents like me and family’s who have to go through the most un natural thing to happen and parent bury there child.

The 3 peak challenge is climbing the 3 biggest peaks in wales, if anyone knows me i am NOT the most healthy and hardly even leave the house anymore unless it’s forced but this is something i’ve always wanted to do to help other family’s with support during and after, to help get better equipment, most support for the nurses because seeing it first hand it was hard for a lot of the professionals while i gave birth and they wasn’t prepared. So please share this with your family, friends and your coworkers and let’s raise enough to help our own NHS for the maternity ward and children wards of all kinds

Challenge registration number: 246663

This challenge took place on 16th July 2021

Time completed: 52 hours 30 minutes.

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The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


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