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Hand in Hand with Paraguayan Children

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This April, we will be volunteering in “Centro Abierto Mitami Roga” in Villarrica-Paraguay (Children’s Centre) to provide education and healthcare in a safe a space for an extermely impoverished community. The centre was recently completed last year and can only continue to operate with the support of its volunteers.

The goal for our next trip is to set up the remaining classrooms to accommodate the children waiting for a place and establish a community library, which will be the only library available for miles around. Not only will the centre serve as a place of learning for the children in the community, it will become a refuge where they can recieve basic healthcare, clean facilities and food.

To achieve our goal we rely on your kindness and support. Any contribution, big or small, will go a long way to ensuring that these children are provided with a chance in life every child deserves.

Your donation will help provide:

Tables and chairs
A fridge
Kitchen appliances and tools
A washing machine
Cleaning materials
School supplies (e.g. paper, notebooks, learning resources)

Our fundraising page.

Fundraising for Fundación Mitami Roga

This project, called Hand in Hand with Paraguayan Children, will be carried out in April 2020 in Villarrica (Paraguay, located in South America, between Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. ), collaborating with the Mitami Roga foundation; made up of people who offer their help to children from deprived families who have little or no economic income.

The children´s centre (Centro Abierto Mitami Roga), where we will carry out our volunteering, was founded in 2003. Unfortunately, due to the scarcity of both material and economic resources it had to close after many years serving children and families in need. In 2018 it was able to be re-opened; thanks to the efforts of selfless native volunteers and a group of Spanish and Scottish volunteers. These volunteers have repaired and painted the property, making it wind and water-tight and fit for use once more. They provided fundamental resources necessary for education which allowed the centre to be reestablished.

The Foundation which maintains the centre needs financial help in order to offer a continuing educational service to children in this very disadvantaged community.

Our intervention is aimed at the children of Villarrica aged from 2 to 5 years. It aims to establish practices which address both the health and educational needs of children. This intervention will have an impact on the wider community; generating partnership working, strengthening community spirit and wellness and generating more positive attitudes towards education in this community.

Homepage of Fundación Mitami Roga .

Challenge registration number: 236401

This challenge took place on Saturday, 14 March, 2020.

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