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We are co-workers and friends who all work at Firmdale Hotels a family run business based in London. we love escaping the city and plunging ourselves into nature and if we can raise money for charity at the same time even better.

Fundraising for Darwin 200

This project, called Darwin 200, will:

1. TRAIN the next generation’s top 200 leaders in science and conservation.

The best 18-25 year old scientists and conservationists will be selected from 200 countries and states from across the globe, and will be invited aboard the Darwin 200 ship to receive intensive training to develop the skills they need to tackle tomorrow’s conservation problems.

2. INSPIRE 200 million people worldwide via massive outreach activities.

The Darwin 200 project offers a vast platform of free, interactive resources for students, teachers and the general public to be part of the voyage in real time. Hundreds of millions of people will become involved as the ship re-traces the voyage of HMS Beagle to be inspired by the beauty of the natural world and discover the changes that have occurred since Charles Darwin’s journey.

3. DEMONSTRATE real solutions to save the environment.

Interactive research projects streamed live from the Darwin 200 ship will publicly explore specific environmental problems but also showcase solutions and hope for the future.

Homepage of Darwin 200 .

Challenge registration number: 236268

This challenge took place on Wednesday, 3 June, 2020.

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About the ​ National Three Peaks Challenge

The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • Minnie Kemp
  • Caroline Spiby
  • Jessica Black
  • Dawid Korus
  • Lorenzo Puleo
  • Fanny Royol
  • Kris Kaleta
  • Bartosz Linnert
  • India Barclay
  • Charlotte Crampton Smith
  • Dawid Kudzielka
  • Carmo Telo
  • Stella Weatheril