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The Three Peaks For Slaughter

About the group

Hi I am Harry,
8 of the members are my friends one member is my brother, the other is my father we all live in Horsham, West Sussex
We are doing the three peaks on the second bank holiday in May
My dad James will be driving us from our hometown all the way to Fort William on the 22nd of may, staying for just one night, then we begin our first hike at 4:30 AM
We plan to be done by 8, then for scafell, we plan to have that done by 4:30PM
Then for Snowdon ideally we would like to start before 9:00PM but that is very traffic dependant.
The youngest member of our group is 21 and oldest member of 46
We will finish all three.

Fundraising for Heads Together

We chose Heads together as those guys are tackling head on the most important thing any person needs, trying to make sure everyone has someone they can talk to.
Unfortunately in late 2017 our dear friend took his life, as he didn’t feel like he didn’t have anyone to talk to, or anyone that would listen.
His name is Harrison Albert Slaughter we all will hike in honour of his name.
They are combating this by being there, by being there for the people who need it most.
They are important to us as they charity fundraise for mental health, one of the largest problems with today’s society, we hear about it all the time, people brush it off as if it is nothing, they pretend like it’s make believe.
It’s not, if it weren’t for services like Heads together that world would be a far darker place, but it isn’t, thankfully they make a difference to lives every day.

Homepage of Heads Together.

Challenge registration number: 235778

This challenge took place on Saturday, 23 May, 2020.

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