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Life has it's peaks and troughs for us all. Whilst we have our health a group of friends have taken up the challenge of summiting the UK's highest peaks in under 24 hours. This includes travel time between mountains.

Our team has about a 30 year age difference but we all love life and appreciate our good health, hence we are aiming to climb Ben Nevis, Scaffell Pike and Mt Snowdon in under 24 hours on 31st August 2019.
Our team is Kevin Ostrehan, Daniel Young, Octavia Fineman, Sherman Hodge, Andrew Grayland, Martin Easter and me..Mrs O. We have done some training walks and are ready for the peaks and troughs of this challenge.

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Fundraising for Team Charlie

We are raising money for Team Charlie. Friends and family of Charlie Booth have been putting time and effort into helping a community of school children in Chennai, India. When I asked, "Why India?" Simon Warwood, a family friend told me that every pound donated can go so far out there to make a real difference to lives. The Team Charlie donations have already paid for a new Sports Hall, new living accommodation for children and carers and ablution facilities.
Why choose this charity? Well Charlie was one of my pupils and he was such a cheeky guy. I remember once he changed the clock in my classroom without me noticing and I let the entire class out 20 minutes early from a lesson. He was sporty, playful and loved his life on the farm, even when he had to go out super early to feed the animals even when it was snowing.
Sadly, Charlie died in 2012 and as his teacher it was particularly difficult to witness the impact on his peers then and still now. So this Challenge is for everyone who was at school with Charlie to say, live your life to the full TODAY. Do what you can, while you can and be kind to yourself. You are unique and you matter.

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Challenge registration number: 232586

This challenge took place on Saturday, 31 August, 2019.

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The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • Daniel Young, Octaivia Fineman, Andrew Grayland, Sherman Hodge, Bridget Ostrehan, Kevin Ostrehan and Martin Easter