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Sir Ed’s Angels

About the group

5 men from different walks of life have drawn together to attempt the impossible to prove themselves in the eyes of their parents. Their shared saviour and messiah Sir Edmond Hillary speaks to them to “knock the b*st*rds off” as they strive to prove their worth as his angels.

Challenge registration number: 230794

This challenge took place on Saturday, 22 June, 2019.

Time completed: 22 hours 45 minutes.

Sir Ed’s Angels | National Three Peaks Challenge

About the ​ National Three Peaks Challenge

The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • Danyon Petousis-Harris
  • Angus Borrell
  • Phil Hook
  • Stew Bruerton
  • Rory Hullena