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Two business school students currently experiencing a year in placement at Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices. We are ambitious explorers and have set a new challenge for ourselves to face this year.

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Fundraising for Open Arms Malawi

Today 1,890 babies will be born in Malawi. 320 will become orphans, half because of HIV/AIDS. 87 will die before their first birthday from malnutrition or illness. And that is why the charity Open Arms Malawi exists.

For orphaned children, staying with the wider family is the best solution but formula milk alone costs £20 a month, and most Malawian families survive on less than £1 a day. So for many, keeping an orphaned baby alive is simply unaffordable. In response to the rising number of maternal deaths and orphaned babies in Malawi, Davona Church and Margaret East, opened the doors of Open Arms' first Infant Home in 1995 caring for 27 newborn orphaned babies.

In May 2019 we will be visiting Mangochi, Malawi for a week to volunteer in a nursery school and contribute to the construction of a new nursery home. Other than funding the new development, we will be collecting/buying toys, clothes and household essentials to contribute to the lives of Malawian children. Our employer, Johnson & Johnson, works with Open Arms Malawi to run this project on an annual basis and we this year have an amazing opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause.

To raise money for this cause we are taking on the National Three Peaks Challenge in May. Please sponsor the challenge we have set , all donations to help achieve our goal will be hugely appreciated by ourselves and those we meet in Malawi.

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Challenge registration number: 228022

This challenge took place on Friday, 3 May, 2019.

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