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We are a group of people that have been joined by the desire to take on a challenge for a good cause. Many of us are unfit and are really needing to push ourselves to be ready for this challenge. We are doing this to raise money for a great charity with really lovely and supportive people.

Our fundraising page.

Fundraising for NARA -The Breathing Charity

n the first 11 weeks of his life, my son Alfie spent 6 weeks in hospital. A large part of this was due to him suffering from Apnoea. This means that he was having gaps in his breathing of over 20 seconds and at his worst these pauses were very frequent.

When your child’s breathing is affected life becomes very scary, you watch his every breath. However, one of the machines that can help with this is a breathing monitor, a simple device that goes beep every time Alfie breathes. The problem is that hospitals are short and the one Alfie had was needed by another patient and the hospital could not provide one for Alfie to take home. When your son has gaps in his breathing, how do you sleep in this situation?

This is where NARA the breathing charity comes in, they provide support to people of all ages with breathing difficulties through medical equipment and a 24 hour community care programme. For us they have provided us with a breathing monitor that is ours for as long as Alfie needs it. This means we know how Alfie is breathing and we can go to sleep knowing if that if there is a problem we will know about it.

The people at NARA are so friendly and have been so supportive, they have been very understanding and are always keen to know how Alfie is progressing. We are in their debt – which is why this unfit, un-coordinated man, who has a huge fear of heights, is embarking with a few family and friends to undertake the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge.

You can find more about NARA here:

They are a small charity and anything that we can raise will be truly appreciated.

Homepage of NARA -The Breathing Charity.

Challenge registration number: 227077

This challenge took place on 13th July 2019

Time completed: 11 hours 37 minutes.

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About the ​ Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

The Yorkshire Peaks Challenge involves climbing Pen-y-ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside, often within 12 hours.


  • Guy Woodcock
  • Nicola Woodcock
  • Emma Woodcock
  • Naomi Isaac
  • Oliver Isaac
  • Stefan Rutherford
  • Suzanne Palmer
  • Andrew Allinson
  • Jamie Allinson
  • Richard Broadbent
  • Neal Edmondson
  • Richard Hookey