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i am tackling the 3 peak challenge on the 2nd september 2019 and will be doing it all in 24hours , i am aiming to raise money for a soley ran animal welfare centre in south east asia.

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Fundraising for koh lanta animal welfare centre

Me and my girlfriend travelled south east asia this time last year, and stumbled across a fantastic island koh lanta, when being on the island we discovered a animal welfare centre that helps cats and dogs getting them off the streets and giving them a second chance at life, we feel in love with the place and a dog they rescued from being burned by locals we decided to rescue mooky and flew him back to England with us, he is amazing and the work they do there is incredible, after spending more time at the welfare centre and volutering helping them walk the dogs we met the lady behind it all, her name is junie as shown in the picture and had visited the island for a holiday many years ago, she went to the island and noticed the amount of stray cats and dogs left on the island from all the construction workers they were left on the island after completing construction work as the dogs were on the site for security, when all work was done they left them on the island to fend for them self cats and dogs , with no food and poor care the animals were dieing and after speaking to junie there were loads of animals dead at the beach and in critical conditions, she felt she had to do somthing about it, she acted by selling her home in Norway and took all her belongings and every penny she could and flew straight out to the island to start her mission, after struggling to keep so many animals in her rented home she decided to extended her garden into kennels and so far she has helped rescued and rehomed thousands of dogs and cats, she is trully inspirational and has made such a different to the animals given them all hope and love they need, she has many people volutering on the island and she now has some of the top vets volutering in there spare time and has grown as a organisation and all always need support as it is a charity soley ran by donations and has no funding, I believe this lady needs her name out there as she is an amazing thoughtful passionate lady who gives everything to these animals therefore I would like to give somthing back to her, as we found our amazing dog mooky she has bought us both so much joy and want to thank here for what she is doing and has done , I am wanting to fund as much money as possible to help the welfare centre save more dogs and cats and give them homes they need . The funds a raise will help the welfare centre and give them more equipment and space they need to save more lives, so from September 2nd I will be doing the 3peak challenge this is 3 of the highest mountains in United kingdom done in 24hours this will be a challenge but I want to give back . I hope to raise £1000 for the charity this is a solo charity and any money made will go straight animal welfare centre I hope and thank everyone for there time and donations let's get the money they need to keep the program going. Many thanks xxx . Alistair. Raginia. please feel free to donate to this remarkable foundation

Challenge registration number: 224956

This challenge took place on Monday, 2 September, 2019.

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The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


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