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Fundraising for The Souda Shelter Project

Souda shelter in the Souda area of Chania, Crete was founded in October 2011 by a well known animal activist of this area.
In June of 2016, this activist without official notice but with a post to Facebook, cut off all ties with her shelter stranding 250 animals with the excuse that she wished to downsize her obligations.
The animals found themselves ONCE AGAIN abandoned in their lives, first by their owners and then this.
They were left with NO security or plan.
The Souda Shelter Project was founded by a worker of the shelter who would not walk away from the animals, her name is Elizabeth Iliakis. As the previous owner would just collect animals from the street and throw them into the shelter, Elizabeth got to know the animals personally and made it a goal to improve their lives and rehome them.
Most all of these animals have spent a good portion of their lives in this shelter.
The Souda Shelter Project has made it a goal to
1) create a healthy living environment for the animals living at the shelter which entails mental stimulation, routine veterinary check ups, drainage systems for waste, consultations with specialists pertaining to animal handling and behavior.
2) to rehome the greater majority of the animals residing at the shelter now.
3) close down the shelter which was established illegally and is structurally poorly and dangerously built. To build a new, legal, visitor friendly environment for both cats and dogs.

Challenge registration number: 218775

This challenge took place on Friday, 18 May, 2018.

Time completed: 11 hours 10 minutes.

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