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Fundraising for Niemann Pick

Niemann-Pick Type C (NP-C) is a rare inherited neurodegenerative disease that affects infants, children and adults. It is caused by an accumulation of lipids (fats) in the liver, brain and spleen. The age of onset and rate of disease progression can vary greatly from person to person; for example some children develop neurological symptoms early in childhood, whereas others may remain symptom free for a number of years.

It is inherited when two copies of a faulty gene (a mutation) are passed on to a child. In every pregnancy of a couple who each carry a copy of the faulty Niemann-Pick gene, there is a 1 in 4 chance (25%) that their child will have Niemann-Pick disease. This is known as autosomal recessive inheritance.

Homepage of Niemann Pick.

Challenge registration number: 218530

This challenge took place on 5th May 2018

Time completed: 29 hours.

Peaky Blinders - Three peaks NP | National Three Peaks Challenge

About the ‚Äč National Three Peaks Challenge

The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • 1 Carl-John Callenholm 6 Muni Hayer 11 Michael Quirke 16 Mark Lillie 21 Colin Stone
  • 2 Rory Hunter 7 Hugh Kirton 12 Kevin Francis 17 James Carpenter 22 Chris Wilson*
  • 3 William Evans 8 Ken Kirton 13 Ben McQueen 18 Simon Le Voi 23 Andrew Ward
  • 4 Jens Umehag 9 Peter Kirton 14 Steve White 19 Hugo Isaac 24 John
  • 5 Rav Hayer 10 Akira Kirton 15 James Gunson 20 Sukhy Randhawa 25 Muriel