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In honour of Baby Judah Israel, born sleeping and all the Angels who have left this life too soon who will forever sparkle in our hearts.

Baby Judah was born at 05:05 on 1st July 2017. In her grief, Judah's mum accepted help from the hospital with the burial not knowing that he would be laid to rest in a shared grave which means parents are unable to lay memorials such as flowers and ornaments. The only way to identify the plot is by the number left on a wooden picket.

Sadly our story is not unique, and amongst stillborn babies an unknown cause of death is all too common. Stillbirth is more common that many people think There are more than 3,600 stillbirth every year in the UK, and one in every 200 births ends in a stillbirth.

Eleven babies are stillborn every day in the UK, making it 15 times more common than cot death.

Myself and 4 colleagues Rumbie, Selman , Louisa and Johnny wanted to do something special to remember Baby Judah and also raise awareness of stillbirths.

Our aim is to raise enough money to get Baby Judah's remains resumed and buried in his own private plot on the one year anniversary of his birth.

Challenge registration number: 215212

This challenge took place on Saturday, 27 January, 2018.

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