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The raiders of the lost ARC are an eclectic group have a common like of occasionally walking up hills. We all are looking forward to the challenge but most of all it being over.

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Fundraising for ARC

2015 began with the happy news that we were to become aunties. As our sister and brother In law prepared to start a family, we were as as excited as they were to welcome a new addition in the summer. Having safely got past a 12 week scan, we all assumed it was a certainty, and began planning for all the things we dreamed of for this new baby. Our nephew was stillborn in May 2015. We were all unprepared for the shock and pain of a late loss, which is not supposed to happen. Watching events unfold and feeling so helpless was devastating.

The following two years brought more heartbreak. Two more much wanted and loved children have been lost, and taken its toll on our sister, brother in law and our whole family.

Watching people you are close to go through and experience such heart wrenching loss is unbearable. ARC was a life line in many ways. ARC supports parents facing the unexpected and unimaginable during pregnancy.They offer free and impartial advice to parents as they try to understand difficult antenatal diagnoses and face the painful reality of bereavement. ARC connects bereaved parents with others to help them make sense of their grief and loss. It was a great comfort knowing that there was a charity out there supporting people with such devastating news.

So now we, the raiders of the lost ARC (a team consisting of 9 walking up hills enthusiasts and Sarah) are going to try and climb the UK's three highest mountains in 24 hours to raise money for (in our humble opinion) a very worthy cause. We want to make something positive out of all this. ARC doesn’t receive any government funding so every penny counts. So whether you can spare some change you find down the back of the sofa or want to donate your portfolio of housing developments we would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.

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Challenge registration number: 210536

This challenge took place on 1st July 2017

Time completed: 23 hours 35 minutes.

Raiders of the lost ARC | National Three Peaks Challenge

About the ​ National Three Peaks Challenge

The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • Sarah Ashcroft
  • Laura Collacott
  • Lyndon Allen
  • Anna James
  • David Buck
  • Alison Fowler
  • Simon Roberts
  • Clare Hill
  • Steve Kerr