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About the group

We are 4 school teachers aiming to raise money for the school's selected charity this year. We have backgrounds in running, football, rugby and triathlon.

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Fundraising for Touraid

Touraid supports orphanages, projects and schools for disadvantaged children in Africa, Asia and the West Indies.

Touraid offers support to UK schools and clubs wishing to host activity based tours for disadvantaged children from overseas. The duration of the tour is usually between 7 - 10 days, and although initially based on rugby, touraid is now expanding its activity base to include almost any popular sport and cultural activity for boys or girls that the hosts and visiting children can participate in together.
By promoting these tours, touraid creates a catalyst for friendships and partnerships to develop between hosts and tourists.

The children concerned may be orphans, former street children or simply live in poverty. By welcoming these children into their homes, clubs and schools, the hosts establish close bonds with their guests - bonds which remain even after the tourists have departed and result in many of the schools, clubs and families concerned developing a strong desire to maintain the relationship and to provide funding and other resources for the children's educational, sporting and general welfare needs.

The touring children develop in confidence, their horizons widen and they become role models amongst their peers. For many of them the acquisition of a passport is the first physical manifestation of their own individual identity.

Hosting children gain a personal insight into the lives of their less fortunate guests - they see for themselves the value of education, the right to family life and the essential dignity of these children in a way not otherwise easily gained in the UK.

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Challenge registration number: 11022

This challenge took place on Friday, 28 June, 2013.

Time completed: 23 hours 10 minutes.

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About the ‚Äč National Three Peaks Challenge

The National Three Peaks Challenge takes in the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales, often in 24 hours.


  • Alex Beckey
  • Simon Bywater
  • Alexandra Cardinal Von Widdern
  • Paul Teixeira